If we had to choose a single person to make yet another dark comedy stop motion project, it would definitely be Henry Selick. who the mastermin behind the 2009 stop motion hit, Coraline, is back again to bless us with a new fantasy story. His newest film is calling Wendell and Wild and expect to release next year.

Here in Gomovies, we’ve gathered all the information you’ll ever need about the film. Read along to find all the information about the cast members, story synopsis, and release date.

Wendell and Wild Movie Story

The story of the film revolves around two sly demon brothers called – you guessed it – Wendell and Wild. These two brothers have to deal with the evil nun and her two goth-style minions who are not planning to let life go easy with them.

Even if you’re not familiar with Selick’s previous works, we’re sure you got excited for the dark comedy fantasy story the film promises. Coraline is honestly one of the fan-favorite animations of all time and we hope Wendell and Wild lives to the hype as well.

Wendell and Wild Movie Cast Information

There’s not much known about the rest of the voice actors and actresses but the two main characters of the film are portraying by Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key. You might remember Jordan Peele for directing various critically acclaimed films including Get Out (2017), and Us (2019). In fact, Peele and Key are well known in Hollywood. They have done so many things together including a comedy sketch on Comedy Central from 2012 to 2015 as well as starring and producing the 2017’s Keanu.

As we said, the rest of the cast members are not revealed as of now and probably have to wait a little bit longer to find out.

Another interesting fact about the film is that Peele, Key, Selick, and Clay McLeod Chapman are co-writing the script together.

Wendell and Wild Movie Trailer and Videos

Stop motion animations are rare and every time we see a new one on the radar, we can’t hold back our excitement. Sadly, there is no official trailers release for the film yet. This makes the wait even harder as we don’t know how it will look and how the atmosphere will be. Although looking back at Coraline we have a slight idea of what to expect.

Wendell and Wild Release Date

The film’s original release window was 2021 that later it was scheduled to release in late 2020. The decision didn’t go as planned and Netflix decided to release the animation in the second half of 2021. There is no official solid release date as of now.

Where to Rent Wendell and Wild?

The upcoming stop motion animation is scheduled to be release on Netflix so getting a Netflix subscription would be your best bet to get your eyes on the film. There’s no information about other renting services adding the film to their catalog.

Watch Wendell and Wild Online For Free

You can check back later when the animation is out on Netflix to find the free download links down below. For that to happen you have to wait almost a year until the official release date. Bookmark the page to stay notified and find the links easily later.

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